The Noise Festival
Branding, User Interface & Experience, Strategy

A music festival design project. Inspired by the essence of industrial music—noise, The Noise Festival is a celebration of noise, aiming at turning noise victims to noise players.


Phase 1: Intro to Noise

In order to make noise more acceptable and accessible, the first phase of the festival empowers the wide audience to play with noise that surrounds them. Being promoted in a series of posters, Noise Player is a mobile application that allows players to record and remix noise in their daily lives.

The app is also an opportunity for users, whose remixes can potentially be incorporated into the live concert, to get a free ticket to the live experience.

The video above is the commercial of Noise Player. After a user finishes their first remix, a 30-second introductory video of the festival will be unlocked, as an invitation to The Noise Festival. 


Phase 2: Noise Celebration

After many noise players’ emergence, the audience will be informed and invited to an intimate celebration of noise. Promotions will be posted around the city, coming with an interactive website.


The celebration of noise—The Noise Festival—hosts in a warehouse in Kingston upon Hull, England, the birthplace of Industrial band Throbbing Gristle. It features music artists who are heavily influenced by industrial music. Musicians will incorporate top-rated noise remix pieces from Noise Player into their live songs. It will be a rhythmic noisy night. 


If people love the live music so much that they want to relisten, a concert album could be released on Spotify.



Looked effortless, this project carried tons of research, visual explorations, and sound-making process.

The collage characters below are unused visuals.