Semi-Auto Graphic Projects
Creative Code

A graphic design prompt generator. ‘Semi-Auto’—Human input, machine output. The generator adds spontaneity to the graphic design creative process by assembling words and creating prompts randomly. This interrupts our natural ‘cause to result’ way of thinking when we initiate or execute a project.



The project started with an invitation published on Instagram, encouraging people to follow and participate in the project.


The account then released a series of posts, which were instructions designed to crowd-source words from various individuals. Each topic of the posts are components of a graphic design project prompt.



I created the generator with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in which all the input words are randomly selected and then combined into a sentence.


Hosted on Github, Semi-Auto Graphic Projects generator is live! Visitors are welcomed to input words via Instagram. Graphic Designers are encouraged to create projects based on these random prompts and share it using the hashtag #semiautoGP.