Legacy Island
Concept, Environment, Information Collateral

A conceptual intervention project. Based on the fading history of pier 70 in San Francisco, which was city’s central waterfront, Legacy Island is an idea of reviving the abandoned factories in respect for its history.


I was intrigued by this historic district when I first visited Dogpatch, San Francisco. Research has shown that in the late 1860s, the area was the City’s densest and important center for heavy industry. Many industrial enterprises were established, and many battleships have been built here.

However, by the mid 1940s, after World War II, the glory of Central Waterfront began to fade, and Dogpatch was hit by a long, slow period of industrial decline. The local shipbuilding industry died out, and may factories were closed. Today, its colorful past is gradually being forgotten.

Stories of Concern

The project also started with research of Dogpatch, and these were the three major concerns of Dogpatch I concluded—its infamousness, the forgotten history of the water front, and the lack of children’s playground.

Intervention Ideas

Choosing ‘forgotten history’ as the main concern, I developed ideas that may potentially turn the historic district into a tourist attraction, where people can learn about the history of this abandoned land.



With more research and modifications, the idea was solidified—transforming the historical district into ‘Legacy Island,’ a historical theme park designed to celebrate the heritage of pier 70. Story-telling, boat tours, and educational activities will create a fun and interactive experience for all ages. Bringing back the water is an analogy for returning the liveliness and glory to the waterfront.


Small Projects

The intervention was the final project of my focus of Dogpatch Neighborhood in San Francisco. There were also other projects where I explored Dogpatch’s identity and demography. 

+  Icons for Dogpatch makers’ businesses.

+  Infographic based on existing demographic census of Dogpatch.