A symbol design project. These three symbols were designed for a college classmate of mine—Emily. They are a symbol based on meanings of Emily’s name, a symbol based on some idiosyncratic aspect of Emily’s character, and a monogram created from Emily’s initials.

Symbol of the Name

The name Emily carries a number of meanings. The heart—kindness; three drops of blood—passion and eagerness; three stripes—rival spirit, manifested as a glorious finishing line.

Symbol of Personality

Born as a Pisces, Emily is a timid but adventurous girl who loves music. She always carries a pink ribbon with her. The symbol combines three elements—a fish, a record, and tails of a ribbon.

Monogram of Initials: E&W

‘E’ and ‘W’ interconnects in a curly manner. Tilted angle was an intention to make both alphabets recognizable.