Awaken Restaurant
Identity, Branding, Concept

A restaurant concept and identity design project. Located among nature, Awaken is a restaurant that facilitates children escaping from the ‘cage’ created by modern digital devices. It provides cooking lessons and other activities while engaging children in the physical world.

Designed for “Glow Kids”

‘Glow kids,’ defined by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, are kids hypnotically staring at glowing screens in restaurants, in playgrounds, and in friends’ houses. Glow kids inundate themselves in the digital world created by some of the smartest people on the planet. Consequently, these kids are losing the ability to be curious about what is around them, the sensibility to feel the nature, and the sociality in the physical world.

The goal of the restaurant is to help glow kids to feel the physical world again. Ideally, they will be awakened from the illusion of the digital world, and enjoy the freshness of natural environment, the learning from cooking lessons, and the physical connection created by site-specific outdoor activities.



The main symbol illustrates pixels burning into flames, representing the transition from digital world to physical world. The elements coming into a circle also implies a sense of community.

Echoing ancient cultures, the pattern is a pictograph drawing. It states, ‘May you discover the smile of the sun, the taste of the wind, rhythms of the water, scents of the fire and the warmth of the earth.’ 


+  Menus will indicate available cooking lessons for certain dishes.

+  Physical Signs

+  Since the restaurant won’t have any online promotions, sending postcards is a way of promotion.



The project started from topic researching, idea iterating to shape improving and physical prototyping.