100 Day Project Show

A college exhibition. In September 2015, California College of the Art’s graphic design program launched a 100 Day Project. Each of the participating students and faculty members selected a creative action to do and document every day for 100 days. This was an exhibition of seventeen of the 100 Day Projects, presented in CCA graphic design studio.


Doing 100 Day Project feels like climbing 100 stairs. The goal will not be achieved without every bit of effort and consistency. Stair elements have been emphasized throughout the exhibition, where they became the title wall, name cards/labels, and a typeface.

Solar yellow was chosen as the metaphor of achievement, and thereby conveyed the main sense of the show—a celebration of goal-reaching.

Name Cards

Each name card/label was specially designed for each participant of the show. The folded front side, or inside, has participant’s name, the name of the piece, and a short description of the piece, with the number of days they’ve achieved.

The design on the back side is a combination of ‘100’ logo and the initials of the participant. Such a special label also serves as a congratulation card, which was purposefully designed for the participant keeping it as a souvenir.

+  Process