Bill Chien is a Chinese graphic designer who has a library of magical visual skills. Born and raised in tropical island Hainan, he currently lives in San Francisco. 

Bill discovered his talent in graphics at the age of eight, when his elementary school teacher asked him to create issues of blackboard bulletin, a monthly publication in a traditional Chinese classroom. For the next ten years, he continued designing award-winning blackboard bulletins before he graduated from high school. 

Undergoing traditional Chinese education system, Bill didn’t kill his passion for design. After his sister made him a follower of Beyoncé, he became the design lead who published annual magazines in the biggest Chinese Beyoncé fan forum—Baidu Beyoncé Tieba.

Bill has been part of John Bielenberg’s interdisciplinary, experimental program Secret Project. He practiced Think Wrong design thinking, took on design challenges and brainstormed with various communities. During that time, he co-created a school-wide trading group, The CCA Underground, that has hosted 900+ trades. With a few friends, He also started Max CCA, an independent digital platform that forges interdisciplinary interactions between 80% of the community at California College of the Arts.

With honor, Bill was one of the first students who debuted TBD* at CCA, a student-staffed design studio creating work for Bay Area nonprofits. Bill was fortunate to lead a poster campaign for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which would influence the experience of more than 100,000 riders daily.

Previously, Bill worked as a design intern at SYPartners in 2017, contributing design and non-design related skills on one of the biggest client projects during the summer. 

Bill is a believer in humanity and down-to-earth doer. He cares about the human-tech relationship, shaping communities, and education. He loves to work with passionate individuals and celebrate the wisdom, authenticity, and compassion of human beings.