My parents named me 简正, but call me Bill Chien, if it’s easier for you to remember. I was born and raised in Hainan, China, a tropical island where people enjoy pure coconut water, delicious Hainanese chicken rice, and fresh seafood.

I am a multimedia graphic designer who creates graphics and experiences that influence people’s lives. Within that realm, I visualize and communicate ideas spark inspiration and forge thoughtful human interaction.

My process begins with a cause—an idea, a story, a phenomenon or a problem. I listen, observe and discover. Once I’m intrigued by the potential positive value and impact that can be derived from the cause, I then utilize whichever media works the best to amplify the vision.

My work contains human elements. That could be organic motion, a cultural symbol, an expression, or a dialog. By infusing this notion of humanity, I elevate the characteristic out of mundane things so that they become simpler to understand and more inviting to interact with.

In our time, the growing of machines and technology industry is exciting yet concerning. I believe the human race needs constant cultural, ethical reminders to move forward as a caring species. Graphics, type, and motion are powerful tools that allow me to create such reminders across both physical and digital realms. By doing so, I celebrate our wisdom, authenticity, and compassion as human beings.

I enjoy working with passionate individuals who share the same value as me. By working together, I will learn from you, and you will learn from me.

So, how can I help?